Get an Ice Dam Education

Ice Dam Diagram

Have you heard of the term Ice Dam? Are you aware of how they are formed and the damage they can cause?

By following the diagram, you can see that an ice dam forms when several elements align. 1) Your roof must have snow, 2) the outdoor temperature is below freezing and 3) your roof temperature is above freezing at its higher end and below freezing at its lower end.

The temperature variation on your roof is caused by weak insulation, allowing heat to escape to the underneath side of your roof. This escaping heat melts the snow which then begins to flow off the roof as it was designed to do, however, the problem begins at the roof edge where there is no heat and the water begins to refreeze, now creating the Ice Dam.

As the cycle continues, the Ice Dam begins to grow and form, leaving a larger pool of water just lying on your roof (which your roof was not designed for).  The water eventually finds its way through your roof covering, into your attic where it could then seep through your ceiling and interior walls.

If you’re concerned about how your roof is going to endure the winter that Mother Nature has planned for the Ohio region this year, feel free to contact any of the professional staff members at Ohio Lumber to discuss the best methods to protect your investment.

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