The Final Steps of Home Construction and Remodeling

As you read over the following statistics, you’ll realize why “The Final Step of Home Construction and Remodeling” is so important. Air duct cleaning is often over-looked, for that reason, we’re pleased to introduce Mike Conley, of AirTech Cleaning Solutions, a family owned and operated cleaning company that specializes in Air Duct Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and Window Washing.

Indoor Air Quality Facts (United States) 

  • All of the air in your house is circulated through your heating/cooling system several times per day.  Thus, if your system is dirty, so is your indoor air.
  • The American Medical Association (AMA) states 94% of all respiratory ailments are caused by polluted air, and also reported that one-third of our national health bill is for causes directly attributable to indoor air pollution. 
  • A well-maintained cooling system can reduce your utility bill by as much as $30.00 per month. Studies show that a well-maintained system can restore capacity by ½ to ¾ tons, improve humidity control (effective measure to eliminate mold) and reduce running time according to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America of Greater Houston. 
  • The average 6 room home collects about 40 lbs. of dust, pollen, mites, mold and other non-desirables each year! (Discover Magazine) 
  • A buildup of less than 0.042 inches of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease of efficiency of 21% the Environmental Protection Agency (EPS) reports. 9 out of 10 system failures are caused by dirt and dust as reported by the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Services (LCES).
  •  Studies conducted by the U.S. Government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), & the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) show indoor pollutant levels may be 10 to 100 times higher than outdoor concentrations.  This is of particular concern because it is estimated people spend upwards of 90% of their time indoors.
  • Commercially purchased fiberglass filters are only 7% efficient in stopping dirt, dust, pollen, etc. passing through them says the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Experts (ASHRAE).
  • One out of every six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to the fungi and bacteria in the air duct systems.(Total Health & Better Health Magazine)

The Potential Hidden Danger in Your Home is Joint Compound Dust.

In most homes the interior walls are constructed with 2×4 or in some cases 2×6 studs and then covered with gypsum board. (Drywall)  Screw heads and seams are filled with joint compound which is made up of Gypsum, Calcium Carbonate, Perlite, Mica and Crystalline Silica. Crystalline Silica makes up only 2-5% of the material but it is listed by the 2 largest board manufacturers as a serious hazard. (USG Corporation and Lafarge North America)

When the dried mud is sanded, respirable dust is released into the air. This means the particles are a size that can be drawn into the lungs through the normal breathing process. When Crystalline Silica is inhaled, the particles can work into the lung’s Alveoli Sacs. These small chambers are where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged. For more information and additional resources, check out the Environmental Protection Agency or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Here’s the Bottom Line!

This residue should be removed from the air ducts (that’s where I come in). The dust invades both the supply and return systems during construction. Each time the blower fan comes on, the particles of Crystalline Silica blow back into the air and into your family’s lungs.

Compared to the cost of the construction, and the potential danger to the occupants, the expense of a complete air duct cleaning is trivial. Responsible contractors all across the country are starting to clean the HVAC systems of homes they build or remodel upon completion of the project. It creates happier and healthier customers.

This has been a guest blog from, Mike Conley, the President of AirTech Cleaning Solutions. For more information about AirTech or the topics in this article, please contact Mike at 937-407-7057 or visit him on facebook.  AirTech Cleaning Solutions – improving your environment.

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