Ohio Lumber freedomRail Give-A-Way Contest

Yep – you can stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief because you read correctly! Ohio Lumber Building Supplyis giving away a freedomRail Closet System to one lucky winner! Valued at over $500, the system will be honored in white for one 6′ wide by 18″ deep space.

“How do I win?” you ask? It’s easy…email, mail or drop off a photo of your messy, cluttered, unorganized space that you’d like some help with. We’re here to assist and come to your rescue so be sure to include your name and contact information. You could be the ONE LUCKY WINNER!

FreedomRail“The state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under restraint; a bar of metal fixed horizontally for any of various purposes as for support”, offers several options throughout your home like the “Petite Princess” or “Home Work” space. Maybe you want a “Truly Adjustable”, “Designed to Last” space? Regardless, we know you’re after “Pantry Perfection” while you “Take Control” and “Express Yourself” with each space in your home.

Installation of your freedomRail closet solutions are easy. The components are designed to easily snap into place. How to video and instruction are provided on the web.

Looking for a store in your area – hey that’s us! Ohio Lumber Building Supply, just click here for directions and availability. Want to design your own system? Click here to begin your masterpiece but whatever you do – remember to send us your photos NOW and “Take control with freedomRail throughout your home”!

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