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Building Conservation Locally

Ohio Lumber nail aprons aren’t just for home construction – they’re great for conservation fundraising.

“Ducks Unlimited’s conservation programs have always had a strong biological foundation. That science and research tradition continues today with hundreds of studies to address the habitat needs of waterfowl. Although a great deal of work has been done and many important questions answered, there is still much to learn about how the birds respond to landscape, habitat and environmental changes.”  

Your DU dollars are spent conserving thru restoring grasslands, replanting forests, restoring watersheds, working with landowners, working with partners, acquiring land, conservation easements, management agreements and geographic information systems.

We’re proud to support Ducks Unlimited on a local level building conservation together. You can help Ducks Unlimited locally by attending the annual banquet event and joining DU. For more information on how you can make a difference visit http://www.ducks.org/how-to-help.

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