Step Into Spring with Nature Scapes Mulch

Scott's Nature Scapes MulchYou can smell it in the air, spring is finally here! While we here at Ohio Lumber have taken a moment to enjoy that fresh air we are also busy getting you ready for all your landscaping needs just around the corner. Since there is nothing more rewarding in landscaping than stepping back to see freshly mulched flower beds, we’ve chosen to carry a mulch that will have your friends and family wondering about your landscaping secrets all summer. Scotts’ Nature Scapes mulch keeps its color all year long never fading to that washed out look of most mulch, so you get that rewarding feeling throughout the year.

NatureScapes mulch uses all natural organic ingredients and adds color retention technology to keep your flower beds beautiful all year long, guaranteed. Adding function to beauty it also absorbs 30% less water allowing more moisture to be absorbed by the plants. And because it is made from natural forest products (no recycled wood) it degrades naturally providing organic matter to the soil.

When spreading your Nature Scapes Mulch remember these helpful tips:

  • Plant flowers and shrubs first, then place mulch at a 3in. thickness across your flower beds.
  • Completely water the area before applying the mulch – this will help the mulch to begin containing the moisture for the plants to use all summer.
  • Mulch in early spring to get the best weed suppression and moisture retention.

Here at Ohio Lumber we have all the mulch you will need to make your landscaping look beautiful this spring. In fact, we have over 8 truckloads just in. With color choices of Sierra Red, Deep Forest Brown, and Classic Black you have many different options in bringing style to your yard. Stop over today and get bags starting at $3.88 or buy in bulk and save big! Give us a call at 937.686.6434 or visit www.ohiolumber.com.

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